Happy... Then Sad... Then Happy
2005-09-01 - 5:00 p.m.

I saw the Aristocrats last night. So very funny. I was a little afraid I had waited too long, that I would know too much and that it would be over hyped at this point. Happily, this was not so. We then finished off the evening with Thai curry and two episodes of South Park. Very lovely end of the day.

Now I am sleepy again. I even went to bed on time, but I didn’t sleep very well.

I feel so badly for the people in Louisiana/ Alabama/ Mississippi. I know everyone feels that way, this is not a revelation of any kind of proportion, but still. I heard on the news that it could take over a month to pump all of the water out of New Orleans. They can’t even patch the levy yet because the way is blocked by random boats and things that got pulled from their moorings. They don’t anticipate letting anyone go home for at least a month, more likely two or three. That is amazing to me. Said the girl who lives on the earthquake fault. It’s funny, no matter where you live Mother Nature can sock it to you if she feels like it, yet the potential disaster you are used to always seems so much less dangerous than the ones you are not used to. I have lived near fault lines my entire life. I am not afraid of earthquakes, even though they can do just as much damage as Katrina has done. I have been through many earthquakes, including the 1987 Loma Prieda and I know what happens and I know what to do, so I’m not scared. I am terrified of hurricanes and tornados. I do not understand why people would live where their houses could just blow away one day. In contrast, I have a friend who grew up in the Midwest who is terrified of earthquakes. She has said many times that she is only staying here until the first time the earth moves then she’s gone. She told me that when she moved here all of her family told her to make sure she slept with her shoes under the bed. That way, if there was an earthquake during the night and the windows broke, she could put her shoes on and there wouldn’t be glass in them. I had to laugh when she told me that. I told her if the earthquake is that strong and she’s still in bed when the windows break, glass in her shoes is the least of her problems. She also told me tornados don’t bother her because you almost always have enough warning to take precautions and get everything ready and you sort of know how bad it’s going to be when it hits. With earthquakes, you never know, and that’s what makes them scary. It just goes to show, anything is tolerable the once you get used to it.

I was talking to someone and they said, you know, the thing that makes me really sad is that New Orleans is gone. They will rebuild it, of course, but it won’t be anywhere near the same. A lot of the things that made it special will just be gone. That made me sad too. One of the best times I ever had was when I went to New Orleans. It was a beautiful city full of so much history and architecture and life. The only thing that really gives me hope is that the thing I always remember the most about that trip was all of the really nice, kind, friendly people I met while I was there. The thing I loved most about that place was the people. Now, not to diminish the loss of the people who died, but most of the folks did survive, and now they’re scared and hungry and homeless, but they are still with us, and it is going to take time, but most of them will be ok. That is good, because that means the best part of the place will carry on.

On a lighter note, 5 o’clock is getting closer and closer. Everyone here is very listless right now and sort of meandering around. The weather is really nice just now and I get the feeling everyone just wants to leave. It has also been a rather obnoxious day, customer wise and I think we are all just ready to write it off and start over tomorrow.

Tonight I am going to go home and take a really nice, hot shower and make myself a yummy dinner and… draft. Yes, more drafting, kids. I am down to doing the specs for the building of the pieces, so that means I’m actually pretty close to finished.

Speaking of which, the day is finished, so I get to go now.

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