2005-08-29 - 5:07 p.m.

Book #30 complete, The Snow Fox by Susan Fromberg Schaefer. It is good. I had to talk to Lovely Roommate and pick her Asian Studies mind to get insights into a few aspects of it, mostly the end, which I found to be a bit anticlimactic, but, according to LR, is pretty common in traditional Japanese literature. Overall, though, the story flows well and I liked the way the narrative flowed from one character to the next. I also like that the most likeable people are the bandits.

I stayed up way too late last night. I was working on a tango show and I was at the theater from 1pm until Midnight. They were actually still there, but the house manager said he could lock up without me. God bless him. As it was I slept through my alarm for about 5 minutes this morning I was so tired. I think it was a good thing, though. At the end of the night we were talking about having me design their show in the spring. Yay! More dance designing. I hope it works out, but Iím not about to count my chickens yet.

I think I may have picked something up wrong last night. My back is killing me this morning. Iíve been trying to touch my toes all day to try to stretch it out.

We have this one customer of ours. He isnít the devil, or anything, but he is pretty notorious for his temper and his coke addled 1970ís experiences. Anyway, he was in a really bad motorcycle accident a couple months ago and now he is a very new person. Iíve talked to a couple of former employees of his who are now on their own and they told me he called them from his hospital bed to apologize for how he treated them before and to set things right. He was in here earlier today and he really is so much calmer than any other time I have ever seen him. It seems a brush with death really can cause you to reexamine things. I hope this new guy sticks around. He is much more pleasant to be around than the old one. Oh, and Iím also glad he didnít die and all that.

Anyway, time to head out.

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