I Wanna Rage, I Wanna Go Home, I Want Sex, I Wanna Cookie...
2005-08-15 - 3:52 p.m.

The title of today’s ramble is from one of the performances I saw last night at the 10th Annual Faux Drag Queen Pageant. Yes, faux drag queens; drag queens trapped in women’s bodies. It was quite entertaining… oh, and Fierce, we must not forget Fierce.

I do think I have been in entertainment too long, though, because I CAN’T STAND when I am at an even that is unorganized or when folks don’t seem to have things planned out. The “Fem Cee’s” were trying really hard, but they were reading right off of clip boards all the time and it really seemed like they hadn’t been given them before hand to practice so it was very stilted and off, also there were many times when they would look offstage and see the next girl wasn’t ready yet so they just had to fill time, and it was obvious. That just bugs the pants off me at this point. I did have a good time, though and it was a lot of fun, so I’m just being a theater snob with all of that.

Oh, though the best part of the night? “Ethel Mermon” and “Luciano Pavarotti” singing James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” Yes indeed.

Book #29 complete. The Red Tent by Anita Diamont. I think I may be the last woman in the world to read this book at this point. I liked it, it was very well written and I liked how the author filled in the blanks. Dinah was a good choice to follow. She has an intriguing story that really was left unfinished in the bible. I remember when I was reading the story wondering why if the guy raped her and didn’t really care at all about her, as was implied, was he willing to take her as a wife and pay this huge bride price and go through crazy physical pain (and force all the other men in the city to go through crazy physical pain) for her? After all, he is the son of a king, he could have just blown her off and left her to her fate, he was royalty, what could her father really say? I think the author thought it through well and came up with a very plausible chain of events. Ultimately, I think she was very smart to pick a character that we know almost nothing about since it definitely gave her the most leeway to create her own story. I liked how she created the character of Leah, as well. I always felt so sorry for her in the bible story. I couldn’t imagine going through life feeling so unwanted knowing you were always a consolation prize. I liked the way the author flipped it a bit, she wasn’t the beauty that Jacob lusted after, but he loved her for her brain and cared about her just as much as Rachel, but differently. The other sisters felt a bit one dimensional to me, but not to the point of being distracting. Overall, good book that I enjoyed.

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