Typing Test
2005-08-05 - 5:15 p.m.

It is Friday and that makes me happy. Iím going to do a little experiment and see if I can touch-type this entire entry. No, I do not touch type, well, at least not in the traditional way. I have my own modified version which allows me to average 45 wpm so thatís usually fine but I should learn the real way. My dad can type over 100 wpm, but he is cool like that. You may be wondering why I am even sharing this, well, basically Iím just trying to get you to excuse any random typos that appear today.

I found out my cousin is engaged. I met her boyfriend at her graduation in May. He is very nice and they really do compliment each other very well, so good for them. I donít know when the wedding will be, but probably not too far off. Itís quite exciting. The funny thing is that her dad, though heís happy for her, is a bit nervous. He thinks she should be on her own for a little while before getting hitched. My mom was teasing that he just doesnít want to pay for a wedding yet. Anyway, I will probably have another wedding to go to in the next year or so. This weekend the whole family is coming into town so itíll be the first time I get to see her since the news. Itíll be fun.

Ok, why on earth is the semicolon one of the home keys? I mean, really, this just seems silly.

I have several friends I need to call. If you happen to be one of those friends, I apologize, I just have no desire what so ever to talk on the phone lately. Iíve never been a big phone person to begin with, but lately it has been even more so. I canít really say why, but I need to get over it, at least enough so that my friends donít think Iím ignoring them. Sigh.

A date has actually been set for my reunion. October 8. Is it just me or is that a little late? Itís fine for me, but they better hope no one with school age kids wants to come from out of town. Now I just need to see how much they are going to charge for this thing. They are having a party planner who specializes in reunions do it. I donít know if that bodes good or bad, price wise. I donít blame them for hiring someone, though. Iíve helped put together receptions and it is not easy. I still have not decided if I really want to go or if Iím just convincing myself I want to because I feel I should want to go. I didnít abhor High School, I just didnít really care very much. I always viewed it as very temporary. I suppose it would be fun to see people, but at the same time, is ten years really enough time to have drifted away far enough to need a reunion? A good chunk of us are probably still in school or just out, it just seems like reunions should happen when everyone is done with all that crap. Maybe thatís because the only ones Iíve ever really been to were my momís 20th/ 25th reunion picnics when I was a kid. I canít decide. Iím sure there will be other discussions on this topic in the future, so if I am being boring, I apologize.

Ok, I donít really know if my right pinky is designed for touch typing. Its second joint doesnít work very well and it is rather stiff in general and now Iím having trouble reaching the ďpĒ key and the ď.Ē. I am supposed to use my pinkie for those, right? I may have to figure something else out.

Yes, my hand is messed up. You wouldnít notice unless you looked closely, or if I was feeling self depreciating and pointed it out (like now, apparently). Basically, two bones in my hand/ finger are too short so my little finger doesnít line up right with the others and its movement it a little bit compromised. It doesnít really affect most things, but it is kind of funny how many things it does make more difficult. If I need to grip something strongly, like a stick or a handle that is going to try to pull away I have to use my left hand, also typing (obviously) and piano playing require some modifying because I donít have the reach I need in that one hand. When I was playing the flute in middle school it used to cramp up a lot because the E flat key was just within reach and it would get tired quickly from holding that position. So, yeah, my own little deformity.

Speaking of getting tired, it is time to go home.

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