Se Habla Espanol... Un Pocitisimo... um, Yeah
2005-07-29 - 4:47 p.m.

I am so frustrated with Explorer right now. Iím actually trying to do real work and it isnít letting me get to anything. I just keep getting that stupid ďPage cannot be displayedĒ thing. We shall see if I can even post this later.

I was just talking to a customer of mine who is also a friend and he just got back from the same part of Mexico I want to go to next month. Unfortunately for him there was a category 4 hurricane while he was there. Note to self: before making plans find out when hurricane season ends. He actually said he would go with me if it falls during the right time because he didnít actually get to go to the island we both want to go to.

Heís the first person to actually say it is a good thing for me to go by myself, though. I like traveling alone. As long as you take a few extra steps it isnít anymore dangerous than being with other people and I really donít mind being by myself. I went to Mardi Gras alone a couple years ago and had an absolute blast. I met really awesome people I wouldnít have met were I with other people and I got to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. It was great. Now I just necessito mi Espanol practicar so I donít give someone $30 for a Carona. I can usually figure out what I want to say in Spanish; itís understanding the answer I have trouble with.

I am so looking forward to a vacation. I really need it. I was supposed to go to Utah earlier this summer, but that didnít work out so I havenít really gotten away from here at all for over a year. I do really need some detox time to myself without anyone bugging me or telling me to do anything other than perhaps roll over, your back is burning, or here, drink another Mai Tai. Yes, that will be lovely. Oh, and there will be whale sharks. I really hope they are still there when I get there. I would love to see whale sharks. I could also possibly go fishing, which would also be un. I havenít been fishing in a long time. I tried to fish in Oregon last year, but I kept falling asleep on the bank of the river.

I think I may try to be that mellow this weekend. I am training with a friend in the park on Sunday, but that will be a lot of fun and not stressful and other than that, not a whole hell of a lot. Monday and Tuesday I took off from work because Iím helping out with a benefit thing and I just decided that would make life a lot easier if I didnít have to worry about running around all night then waking up early to get to the office when I would just be worthless because I would be so tired etc etc.

Well, I have made it through yet another Friday, so I will stop here. TTFN.

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