Friday Rambling
2005-07-22 - 4:55 p.m.

Well, I may have finally kicked the insomnia. Tonight will let me know for sure, but last night I got home from work and fell asleep at 7:30 and only woke up once between then and 7 this morning, and that one time was only for a couple of minutes so I could change into pajamas instead of my nasty work clothes. Yup, 11 ½ hours. I was a bit bummed, I missed the one performance of a show my friend wrote before it heads of to the Off-Off- Broadway Festival in New York; but man, if your body decides it needs 11 hours of sleep, you just let it have it. Anyway, break a leg in NY, Leftovers gang! Also, if anyone happens to be around NYC, check it out:

“Leftovers” by Scott McMurrow
Samuel French Off Off Broadway New Play Fest
Chernuchin Theater at the American Theater of Actors
314 W. 54th Street
New York, NY
July 23rd, 7:00pm
Tix: 212-769-7973 x3

It is a good play, you will laugh, I promise.

I also didn’t get to work on my renderings, which means that is on the block for tonight. Ay yi yi.

I’m going to get my nails done after work. I have decided I deserve that. Then I can go home and draw for a little while. I also need to get a facial, but I got a little bit sunburned last weekend, so I need to wait for that to heal first. I also really want to get a massage, but as red as my face is right now, my back is 20 times worse. It hurts to lean back against my chair. {Sheepish face} I really should know better. I have been a scary, pasty white since I was born and I have never taken well to the sun. With any luck I will start to peel in a day or two and then I will be done with this.

Oy. I started this around 10 this morning and now it is 3:30. Time is moving SO SLOWLY today. I just want to leave.

We are getting a new inventory tracking program here and our first two training sessions were yesterday and Wednesday. We closed early those days and spent the last hour learning how to enter information into this program. OK, net meetings suck. Maybe if you were just discussing ideas or plans it would be ok, but if you are trying to teach a group of people how to do something it is really not a good medium. Not only that, but the woman training us just had a baby, so she would stop every few minutes to check on the kid. It was just confusing because I couldn’t look at a person and point at the screen and say, “Wait, what about that there?” And she couldn’t look at us and see that all of our eyes were completely glazed over and drool running down our chins because she had lost us about 5 minutes before. Anyway, I think it’ll be ok, the new program is much easier to navigate than the current one, but my brain has been mush the last couple of days trying to cram all that new stuff in as quickly as possible.

Well, I just edited my first customer entry without a problem, so that bodes well.

Now it is 4:40. God help me.

I went to the greatest thing on Wednesday. It was a spoken word event with a performance by a band I have friends in. The poet was so great. Her pieces were very freeform and she was funny and read really well. It was the perfect entertainment for a Wednesday. It was fun, and relaxed and ended early.

Well, I have finally made it to the end of the day. Yay weekend.

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