I'm, Like, Deep and Stuff
2005-07-13 - 5:22 p.m.

Sometimes I think there is a great cosmic pan for things, other times I think weíre all just floating around in the dirty dishwater of the cosmos trying to keep heads above water and not run into anything too slimy or disgusting along the way. Right now I sort of feel like itís the latter. I feel like Iím drifting and I have started to read philosophy (dun dun DUN!) again, which is always a sure sign of listlessness. I need to find focus on something. Something not too ambitious so I donít get overwhelmed (this is still the summer of no theater, after all) but will still feel like an accomplishment when I have finished. I finally figured out how to use a tutorial program for Vectorworks, so I think maybe Iíll start with that and see if I can get up and running on transferring some of my paperwork into digital format. (ooooooooh, fancy) The only problem on that is that I only have access to the PC version of the software, so I canít put it on my computer at home which means if I want to learn it I have to stay at work longer and use their computers. Blah. That may be ok, though, as there will be more drive for me to figure it out and finish because I want to leave, rather than stopping to get a snack and then never starting again as I have done with other such things.

I also need to start rendering a set design I have due in August. I still have time, but my rendering skills are a little rusty (see, youíre drawing, but NOT drawing at the same time) and Iím a little self conscious about it so I want plenty of time to get my drawings right. Also, I really want to try some different things with this, incorporating wiring and lighting into the set, so the students can learn some new stuff, but I need to figure out the best way to do it. I have the fast, easy, cheap ass way (chasing twinkle lights), the experimental way (low voltage neon that I have only seen used on things and never actually used myself), and the fancy pants, expensive, labor intense way that will look really cool (LED, Ďnuf said). I know I donít have to have all of that worked out just to do the drawing, but when I try to put crazy ideas like this together I like to at least have an idea of how they are going to work so I can help justify them and cost them out budget wise, not to mention not designing myself into a corner. I do need to get over myself and just draw it already, though. I can see all of it in my head, I just need to get it on paper. Iím giving myself a deadline of Sunday evening to have a rendering. All yíall are my witnesses.

Well, I managed to make it through another day and now it is time to post this and head off.

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