Who Needs Sleep?
2005-07-11 - 4:57 p.m.

Well, the one good thing about insomnia is I get plenty of time for reading. Book #23 is The Queenís Fool by Philipa Gregory. Not the most historically accurate book Iíve ever read, but a good story with interesting characters. The love story subplot is a bit far fetched, but if you go in for super romantic stuff I guess it would work for you. Iím almost halfway to 50! I would hope I could keep reading at this pace, but dammit, I miss full nights of sleep.

When I do fall asleep lately I have really weird dreams, too. I canít really remember them when I wake up, but I wake up thinking, I was dreaming? Damn, that seemed so real! Maybe I should try writing them down right when I wake up to try to remember them better. Maybe not. Iíve tried that in the past and I just never seem to be able to make that happen between being almost blind, really groggy, and needing to find pen and paper something always seems to go wrong when it comes time to do the actual writing. Anyway, point is the sleep I have been getting hasnít exactly been the most restful ever. I got a couple of good nights last week, but Iím thinking that was only because I was so exhausted it took everything I had to NOT sleep, now that I have gotten some rest, boing! Back to insomnia land.

As much as Iím sure everyone just adores learning about my sleep habits, I feel I should sign off as it is almost time for me to go home now.

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