Watched Clocks Never Tick
2005-07-01 - 4:41 p.m.

Book #19! Seductress by Betsy Prioleau. Eh. It was ok, the women she did biographies of were very interesting. Unfortunately it read a little like an overzealous grad studentís first stab at a Womenís Studies textbook. Honestly, if she mentioned ďthe goddessĒ one more time I think I wouldíve hurled. She would basically restate her thesis after every single biography snippet which got really old really fast. I did like reading about the women, most of whom I had never heard of, though they were rather powerful and important in history, and their stories were good. Anyway, itís done and though I sort of had to force my way through the end, Iím glad I finished and didnít just give up on it. If for no other reason because after investing as much time as I did in the thing there was no way I wasnít going to put in on this list, and that meant finishing.

Holiday! Holiday! Yay! No real plans yet, though I may stop by a party I was invited to. Iím thinking of maybe heading to the Presidio and find a nice overlook to watch fireworks, though Iím sure many other people have the same idea. Weíll see. Right now I canít even decide if Iím going to yoga tonight. I sorta want to and sorta just want to go home and crawl into bed. I also need to clean my room and do my dishes. Iíll probably decide on my way home. And yíall wonder why I canít make plans for the holiday.

I really like working at the new theater Iíve taken on. This is the one I did the one nighter at the other day. I donít think Iíll book myself too heavily there, for my sanity, but everyone is so nice and the grid is actually pretty low, which seems bad, but you can get the angles you need so it works for the space and the best part is they have the best ladder ever. Itís tall enough that I can work with everything without reaching out too far and it is really cozy and sturdy. I feel very comfortable on it. More so than 98% of any that I have been on before, so that is awesome. Itís also in SF proper, so I donít have to commute and itís two blocks from my favorite taqueria and the best part of all is that about 90% of what they do is dance. I love lighting dance, there is just so much to work with and so few restraints.

Oh my lord, this day needs to end! Iíve been watching the clock and I swear it is moving slower than it should be.

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