This and That, Again
2005-06-23 - 3:45 p.m.

Oy. So, at work we have this event we do every summer that takes a good chunk of our inventory. Normally, this isnít that big a problem as the summer is a slower time for us in general. Well, not this year. We have more orders than usual and they keep getting bigger and bigger. Now, this would still be navigable IF the guy who organizes the big event would actually put together orders with actual counts of what he is taking and the actual ship and return dates. He does not do this. He just sort of takes what he wants then updates the orders later and sets everything for a ship out date of about a week before it actually leaves. I have been tearing my hair out trying to figure this out and see if we have the equipment for these ever expanding orders. The worst part is if I ask Obnoxious Coworker II about the orders and what is actually going when he tells me he doesnít know and he is just going to take stuff if he needs it. This does not help me. It also doesnít help that this guy is basically my boss so I canít really tell him he is being unreasonable and/ or to go fuck himself. Iíve had to turn away two out of state companies simply because I didnít know if we could give them what they needed. So. Very. Frustrating.

On a higher note, I have started taking yoga at the Y once a week. There are two different classes Iíve gone to, but there is one I like better. The teacher is so great. She is so nice and friendly and pretty much completely demystifies the whole thing. The added plus is that I didnít even know my back was bothering me, but now it feels great and I realized I was really stiff and not exactly in pain, but now I feel good and I donít know how I didnít realize that I didnít before. This class also focuses a lot on twisting the back and opening the hips which is what I really need, so Iím happy about that. Iím also more flexible than I thought I was, though I can definitely attribute that to kickboxing. You stretch a lot more than you think you do in that class. Wrapping your leg around someone elseís neck does a lot for the hamstrings. Now I just need to up my cardio and Iíll be set. Iím so bad about that. See, I start running or riding the bike or something and, see, I start to get tired and then I just donít want to do it anymore. I think maybe I need to take a class for that too so I can see everyone else still going and Iíll also have a very set start and finish time.

I finished another book. Book #18 (so very close to 20!) is Zorro: A Novel by Isabel Allende. I liked it a lot. Granted Iíll love pretty much anything about Zorro. Growing up he was my number one favorite super hero. I used to watch all of the shows on the Disney channel (we didnít have it, but my cousins did and my aunt would tape the episodes for us) and we would sword fight with sticks in the back yard. See, it all takes place in California during the time California was part of Spain so he sort of belonged to us in a way. He wasnít in Metropolis or Gotham or some other made up place that was quite obviously New York. He was at the Pueblo de Los Angeles and other places we knew like Mission Carmel and Monterey. He would help the poor Spaniards as well as the Indians. He was also sexy as hell. Granted Don Diego, his secret identity, was very Clark Kentish, clumsy, silly, cowardly, but we knew that was an act. So, yeah, I like the Zorro, but I digress. I like the book. I like the spin she puts on the story and how she incorporated the Indian culture with the Spanish and made a very romantic story without glossing over the facts of history. My only issue is that there are no chapters. When there arenít any chapters I just keep reading and reading until 4 in the morning because there is nothing to tell me to just stop reading and turn off the light already. I like Allende. She acknowledges that everyone has weaknesses and that doesnít make them a bad person, just human. Even her villains arenít awful, horrible people. Just spoiled, or overly ambitious, or ignorant, or scared, or all of the above. Normal human failings taken to more of an extreme.

Anyway, things are nuts here. This weekend is Pride so we have all kinds of people crawling out of the woodwork asking for party lights or staging. One crazy yahoo wanted to hang a 40íx40í screen on the side of the B of A building. We said no to that one. I do actually get to be social this year, though, which will be fun. As big a pain in the butt as Pride can be it is also the day when the city is at its absolute friendliest. Everyone is happy and chatting with each other and welcoming others to join them even if they never met them before. It doesnít matter if you are gay or straight, everyone is just cool. It is very nice. You almost wish it were like that everyday. Only without the busses being messed up and the not being able to drive across the city. That part really, really sucks.

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