Memorial Day Post Mortem
2005-06-01 - 1:45 p.m.

So, obligatory vacation recap post? Don’t mind if I do.

The weather for the three-day weekend couldn’t have been better. It was sunny and warm, so it was nice to be outside; yet still breezy enough that staying in didn’t make you feel guilty either.

I spent a lot of the weekend reading and doing housework. Really, not a bad use of time this weekend. It was nice to be so damn mellow. I did go to Target on Saturday, but managed to spend a lot less money than I thought I would. I did, however, prove to be completely lame when Roommate and I ran over to the video store to pick up a couple movies for the weekend (Chris Rock and Kinsey, both very good and very different.) and upon returning home discovered that we had both locked our keys in the house. To add insult to injury, our neighbors weren’t home so they couldn’t let us in. D’oh!!! So, what else was there for us to do but to walk through the park to Park Chow and get some yummy, yummy dinner? Because they are busy building the ugliest love child of a aircraft carrier and a blender ever to try to pass for a museum right in our usual path to the Sunless Sunset, we had to take a more circuitous, yet very pretty, path. We got to the restaurant, had yummy, yummy dinner and desert (you cannot go to Park Chow and not get desert.) and too a cab home. A cab? Yes. Because it was dark, and by this time rather cold and Roommate had just a thin sweater and I just had my t-shirt. We were cold and I don’t walk through the park in the middle of the night. Our neighbors were home when we got back and let us in, so all was well.

Sunday I cleaned some more and cruised down to Clement to turn a few books into Green Apple and pick up a few more. I love wandering around down there. There are all of these crazy little shops with absolutely everything under the sun. You want to get hair bands, fishhooks, duck tape, lingerie, and a suitcase all in one place? No problem!! I actually did get a really good hair clip that holds all of my hair at once, which is unheard of, and it only cost $1. Yes, $1. I had lunch a Q, which was very, very good. I really like that place. Anyway, I went home and the reading binge really got started.

Monday I spent at the park with some friends at a truly fab picnic. I was supposed to go to another party, but it didn’t happen. I had really good intentions and I really did want to see everybody, but the sun felt so good and I was actually hitting the ball in the volleyball games, and, ok, I was keeping up a really good buzz for most of the day so driving was out of the question and there just aren’t any taxis in the park and while it wouldn’t be an impossible walk from the park to the Haight, I was lazy. There, I said it. I was lazy and these were folks I really don’t get to just hang out with very often without business or a meeting or something else going on. So, I stayed longer than my original intention then I went home and crashed. We then ordered pizza and watched Kinsey.

So, books #13 and 14 are finished. Book #13 is a book of “Mysteries of the Deep South.” I don’t remember who wrote it. If I remember I’ll check when I get home and edit. It’s one of those books along the lines of “Most Haunted Houses in America” and the like that you find on the clearance shelf at Barnes and Noble for $3. It was entertaining and I like weird, real crime type stuff that has a spooky twist. Pretty much just fluff, though.

Book #14 is Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. I liked it. It was a very fast read, but still satisfying. The characters are very real and the author caught the whole teen-angst-as-reality-not-as-80s-flick pretty well. The whole feeling like you don’t fit in when, looking back, no one really though about it hard enough to consciously omit you, and the only thing stopping you from fitting was you. There were certain scenes that sent me straight back to high school, and not necessarily in a happy way, but at the same time in a way where you can say, “damn, that felt so very important at the time.” Anyway, I recommend.

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