Books and Movies and Bitching
2005-05-20 - 4:42 p.m.

I finished Book #11 The Time Travelerís Wife a couple days ago. Itís good, I liked the characters, but I think other people liked it a lot better than I did. It came very highly recommended, and while Iím glad I read it and was entertained, it didnít affect me the same way as it did other folks I know. Thatís ok, though. Thatís part of what is good about reading and finding what moves you and realizing it doesnít do the same thing for someone else, but then it does do the same thing for yet another person. Ok, ignore me now; I am making no sense whatsoever.

I saw ďKingdom of HeavenĒ last week. Do not ask me why, I do not have an answer for you. Basically, I had a movie pass, I went to the theater, saw what was playing, it was that or JLo, which, no, sorry, especially not opening weekend JLo. Anyway, when I bought the ticket I could barely remember what it was, so thatís my story and Iím sticking to it. It honestly wasnít that bad. There were some historical inaccuracies you would catch if you studied the period at all or knew something about military history, but they werenít so glaring as to be distracting. It was a dumb movie, Orlando Bloom did an ok job, Jeremy Irons rocked as always, the girl stank up the place, the villain was perfectly slimy, so it was fun, but dumb. It was rather obvious it was a parable for what the US is doing in the Middle East right now, but again, not to the point of being distracting. Basically, you walked out of the theater thinking, ďMan, Ridley Scott really doesnít like George W.Ē so, that was positive. Maybe the parable part didnít bother me so much because I agreed with it. Hee. Anyway, the long and short of it, it wasnít as bad as some people made it out to be, but at the same time it isnít nearly as important as it thinks it is. Weíre talking ďDie HardĒ in tights. I killed 2 hours in an entertaining fashion, though, and that was all I was asking that day. There is my version of a movie review. I should probably keep my day job.

I think Iím going to see another movie tonight. Iím not sure what I should see, though. Iíll probably just do the same thing I did last time, show up, see which two movies are playing next, and then pick. Iím a movie scientist, I am. The one thing I know I am not going to see is Star Wars. I cannot handle crowded movie theaters AT ALL. I almost never see a movie opening weekend period, and especially not one that inspires playing dress-up. The last time I did that was Pirates of the Caribbean (and thatís probably the next time as well) and only under the duress of extreme peer pressure. I probably will see it, itís not that Iím avoiding the movie itself, but Iíll see it a month from now or something, when the die hards have already seen it three times and Iím there with bored housewives and teenagers who have already seen everything else and a few folks like me. Thatís MY kind of movie going.

Something is bothering me right now and I feel like Iím just talking about nonsense to avoid it, but honestly, Iím really not ready to put it on paper so that is that. Very cryptic of me, I know.

Moving on, I have a workday tomorrow and a strike, so Iím going to be a busy bee, but that is ok. There is something about strikes that are very relaxing, like you are working hard and just throwing out all of the crap and ending up with this beautiful, clean, empty slate of a stage. Iím actually looking forward to it. I started doing the same thing with my bedroom last night. I went through my closet and pulled out all the stuff I donít need anymore and put it in bags and picked most of the crap up off the floor. I still have a lot to do; my room is a scary, scary mess, as those of you who have seen how I live will attest to. Nothing gross, just pack-ratness to an extreme. And an aversion to tidy shelves and desks. I need to go through my books to and get rid of a few of those. That is always hard for me for some reason. I have two big bookshelves in the house as well as a couple of boxes in the garage. The ones in the garage I should just take to Green Apple and sell them without even opening the box. Itís been down there for a while, and if I havenít missed them so far, well I can always buy them back if I realize I will die without them. Maybe that will be a goal for this weekend as well. I have all of Sunday morning to do that.

It is only noon and Iím already itching to go home. This is not good.

At least itís sort of quiet today. I shouldnít be happy about a quiet Friday, but the beginning of this week was really busy, so I think weíve already covered our sales goal so I am going to be happy about the quiet Friday. Iíve gotten a lot done as far as cleanup work now that Minion 2.0 is getting more confident. I can ask him to cover the phones now while I work on getting caught up. It is a beautiful thing.

Two hours left.

Man, I am ready for it to be Friday. This is really sad. I have been really forgetful lately. Not about big things, just little things. Iíve had to start writing the time I got to lunch on my hand so I remember what time I have to be back each day. The time I left used to be much more regular so it wasnít as difficult, but right now I never really know when Iím going to get to take lunch so the time I get back keeps changing. It has been very annoying because I can never remember what time I need to be back.

I am so frustrated with some of the folks who work here. They keep talking about how we need to bring in more business, but then they donít want to do the work required on them so they turn people away. Right now there is a woman who wants us to do her wedding and we are not going to get the job because the person who is in charge of putting together crews just canít be bothered to talk to anybody who isnít looking to do a huge tradeshow booth. It is freaking ridiculous. He comes over and tells me not to transfer people interested in production over to him because he doesnít have time to call them. He spends a half an hour lecturing me on this when just calling them back would take ten minutes. Jesus Christ in a sidecar.

Anyway, I get to go home in 20 minutes, so Iím going to finish this up.

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