It's Friday It's Friday
2005-04-29 - 4:57 p.m.

My last show of the season opens tonight and I have to say, it looks pretty good. Granted, it isnít the most complicated lighting show ever, but sometimes those are deceptive because there arenít a lot of cues, but all of those cues have to be just so because you have to look at them longer. Anyway, I was really pretty unhappy with it at the beginning of the week, so I rehung the entire front wash on Wed. evening. Iím really surprised it got finished, but Iíve been teaching one of the kids at the theater how to do this stuff and he has really picked up quite a bit so things moved faster than I thought they would.

Anyway, I am toast. I canít wait to just veg out this weekend. It will be so nice. Iím not even going to opening tonight. Instead, I am going to see a show that a friend of mine is in with my cousin. It should be interesting. Then I am going home and going to sleep. Then I am going to wake up and go to a yoga class. Then I am coming home and going back to sleep. Then I am going to see another friendís show in the Mission. Then I am going back to sleep. Iím not sure of a plan for Sunday yet. It will probably involve copious amounts of laundry and floor soap. And sleep.

Man, I really need help down here. Just someone who can answer the phone and not have to pass everyone on to me anyway. Just now I was trying to put an order together for a customer and the phone rang four times in 5 minutes. All of those calls are now in my voicemail. I swear, every time I check it it has at least 10 messages in it. Why does everyone in the world call within the same ten-minute time frame? I think this is proof positive for groupthink and collective unconscious.

I hate people. Right now, as I type this, there is a box truck sitting outside out door. The driver is here to pick stuff up. We close in 15 minutes. He is eating his lunch in the cab of the truck, not coming in and signing the paperwork so I can lock up and go home. Grrrr. Now he is talking on his phone. God, shut up and let me finish this fucking day, asshat!!!!

Can you tell Iím a little tired and cranky? Now Iím going to go see a show about people who abuse their elderly, disabled parents. Wheeeeeeee! It should be a really good show, though. I just thing I should stop at Walgreens and pick up some Kleenex before I head to the theater.

You know, I usually open this document and start writing these things around 10 or 11 am and then just add bits and pieces throughout the day and post it right before I lock up. One of these days I should time log it just to see how completely random my thought process really is.

Anyway, Happy Friday everyone!

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