Things That Make You Go Hmmmm..
2005-03-24 - 11:06 a.m.

So, I'm not sure why there are a bunch of %% symbols at the top of the page here, but for now I'm just going to leave them. They're starting to grow on me.

Anyway, I started this entry yesterday but didn't really get a chance to turn it into anything so if it seems a bit disjointed, that would be why.

Iím in sort of a funk right now. I do realize this has sort of been a theme here, but hey, my diary, so there. Yes, I am six, why do you ask? Anyway, back to my point. I sort of feel like I somehow backed myself into a corner and I donít know how to get myself out especially because I donít know how I got in. Life has just sort of been flying by while I do my thing and suddenly, stuck. Like when you get on the freeway in a new city and traffic is heavy and the merge is shorter than you thought, and youíre just stuck trying to get into the flow. Iím not really tired or anything, Iíve gotten over my cold (right in time for allergy season!) so that isnít it. Itís not even that I feel like Iím spinning my wheels, that requires some action. I donít know, itís hard to explain. Basically when Iím talking to someone on the phone and they say, ďso, whatís up with you?Ē I say ďoh, nothing,Ē and I pretty much mean it. That feels sad to me. I guess Iíve just always had something to work toward, a goal that was very obvious, or at the very least, an end of the line. As in, if I just make it through one more month the season will be over and my contract will end. Right now I donít have that, not really anyway. I have small things, like getting to the weekend or the end of the theater season, but that really wonít change much for me. A little more sleep, but thatís about it. Not that that is a small thing for me right now at all, but I think yíall know what I mean.

Minion started the other day. I think he is going to work out nicely. Heís smart and personable and heís already figured out the computer program for the most part. Very impressive, I must say. It is also amazing how much my stress level has dropped just knowing he is here and everything isnít all on me anymore. Someone else can answer the phone so I can finish entering the order I was working on. Someone else can greet the customer who walked through the door so I can finish the phone call Iím on. I can go to the bathroom without worrying that someone will come through the door while Iím gone. Very nice, those little things.

I feel like there should be more to say, but, alas, as I said earlier there really isnít anything new. Arg.

Ah, there is another thing! Book #7 finished! The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. I picked this one up from my roommate after I finished The Namesake because I liked that one so much. This is a short story collection and also really really good. Iím really in a short story kinda groove right now. I like the format and I think it gets underestimated in the commercial book world a lot of the time. Iíve heard about another collection I should really pick up but I canít remember the name of it right now. Helpful, arenít I? Well, Iím sure itíll show up here soon. The best part about short stories is I get to finish a ďbookĒ but I donít end up staying awake until 3am just reading ďone more chapter.Ē I am so bad about that it isnít even funny. There have actually been times when I have gone to bed and then had to get out of bed and go to work/ class without having slept AT ALL because I stayed up all night reading a book and finished it about 15 minutes before the alarm went off. That is not pretty, let me tell you.

So, Iím going to post this now even though it is still rather early. It just feels finished so Iím not going to push it. So, there is a slight chance of two entries today. Ooooooooh.

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