Can We Say "Procrastination"
2005-03-13 - 12:05 a.m.

Iím so bad. I should be on top of a ladder right now but instead Iím using the booth computer to write this. This is what happens when I try to hang lights on my own. I get distracted all the time and it takes 12 times longer for me to do things than it should. It helps to fire up the sound system, but after a while I just hit a wall and donít want to do anything else. This is why I should design and not play electrician. I will spend 5or 6 hours drafting if thatís what it takes and Iíll write cues to 3am without complaint, but hanging and cabling just makes me want to give up after 20 minutes. I think a big part of it lies with my ladder issues. Climbing up and down the ladders is hard for me mentally. Even though Iíve gotten a lot better with my ladder phobia it is still there in the back of my head and it is tiring to deal with it, even if I donít really notice Iím doing it. I canít wait until I get to a point when I am working for companies that have real crews and Master Electricians and I arrive when itís time for focus. If I ever get to that point. Hell, Iíll be happy when I get to the point when I have a crew at all and I only have to be the Master Elec. Again, if I ever manage to make it to that point. Grr.

The one benefit to being here wasting time is I can use the dressing room washer and dryer. I havenít been able to do laundry for over a month. It was getting scary, people. I have been teching for the last month straight, so ratty jeans and ugly tee shirts are ok, and my workplace isnít exactly black tie, so it hasnít been too bad, but at this point Iím out of socks (in fact I actually bought some the other day to get myself through. I do need new socks, though, so it wasnít quite as bad as it seems) and Iím down to the rattiest of t shirts. Not to mention that Iím ending up being left with only white shirts/ black bras as combination options. Not something anyone wants to see, trust me. I brought two huge bags with me and Iíll probably be able to bring two more tomorrow.

So, Iím sure no one cares about my laundry (unless itís, of course, the proverbial dirty kind), so Iíll move on. My new Minion starts next week. I am so happy! Now all I need is to get everyone else to back the fuck off for just a couple more days and my sanity will be able to return. Yay! I just hope he doesnít get completely fed up in 6 months and run screaming naked out the door.

I was talking to some of the other folks at Theater Festival about High School reunions. My ten year is supposed to be this year. We shall see if it really happens. I did find out that one girl has started the planning process, but another gal at the theater is also having her ten year this year at the same time theyíre talking about having ours and she already has an invitation. We donít even have a set date. Yeah, thatís about what I figured. So, you may be asking, why donít you offer to help of you have so little faith in your fellow alums? Because, really, I donít know if I want to go or not. I didnít really like H.S. (like so many others) and there are quite a few people who I could really live a very happy life without ever seeing again. At the same time, there are a few people who I really would like to see again, but Iím not too sure they would be all that into the whole reunion scene either. I would love to see the girl I sat next to in Junior English. During study periods we would concoct elaborate schemes to off our teacher in the most elaborate, fittingly literary way possible. Many involved guillotines a la A Tale of Two Cities or burning at the stake as in Last of the Mohicans (we had actually seen that scene of the movie in American history, but thatís ok) but my favorite involved recreating the car accident from The Great Gatsby which we read that semester. What? He was boring and he picked on the two of us for ďnot working up to our potentialĒ (which we werenít, but thatís not the point) and we were 16. There are a few other folks like that I would like to see, but Iím not sure about anyone else. Right now Iím going with a vague plan of if the date works and it isnít too expensive, Iíll go. If itís $75 a plate like my friend's, Iím not going to bend over backwards to make it. If it happens. I also kind of like just observing, like when you watch those nature shows on tv, to see if our group of misfits can pull it off. Does this make me a bad person?

Anyway, I need to get up early to get back here and keep working, so I should post this thing and get the hell out of here.

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