10 things...
2005-02-27 - 1:51 a.m.

This is going to be rather difficult. I tend to think of my life as pretty run of the mill.

10 Things I have done that you probably haven’t:

1. I have managed to make it 27 years without ever breaking a bone or wearing a cast. (Knock on wood.)
2. I have had a conversation with Don Henley not knowing who he was until after he left and someone else told me. I thought he was a sound tech working on the show. He is a very nice man, by the by.
3. I have had to explain to a man who spoke very little English that you can’t wear boxers under tights because it looks ridiculous.
4. I have written a 115 page paper (single spaced) fully explaining the symbolism and poetics of O’Neil’s Long Day’s Journey into Night.
5. I have fallen asleep while working with live electrical wiring.
6. I have assisted in a sheep’s cesarean operation and got to hold the lamb right after it was removed from the mother’s womb. It was slimy.
7. I have had “Happy Birthday” sung to me in 6 part harmony by 18 opera singers. Twice.
8. I have caused a grown man to ride his bicycle into a wall because he was so preoccupied by my friend and I he stopped watching where he was going.
9. Made it onto an airplane post 9/11 with two pairs of metal tweezers, cuticle scissors, and a 1” pocketknife in my backpack. I forgot they were all in there and security didn’t even blink as my bag was x-rayed. I found them when I got off the plane at my destination.
10. I have seen a man wearing only electric blue bicycle shorts stand on his head and play the Canadian National Anthem on a kazoo in the courtyard of a hostel in New Orleans. To make this one a little less passive, I have also gone to Mardi Gras in New Orleans all by myself an had a blast.

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