2005-02-04 - 5:11 p.m.

I’m a bit of a procrastinator. I get things done, but lots of times I wait until the last minute. I did this A LOT in school. It didn’t help that when I pulled a paper out of my ass at the last minute I’d get an A and when I’ plan and work on it over time I’d get a B-. Even in college this was true. Sure, I couldn’t really do that with math or science, at least not as much, but I’ve always been able to work fast and I do better when there is a little bit of pressure. I think this sort of trained me, which is fortunate and unfortunate. I do work well under pressure, however I tend to also make life harder for myself, and when I get overwhelmed I tend to loose track of where to start and get all flustered and just put things off more.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, Obnoxious Co-worker left everything a huge horndoggle mess when he left and I’ve had to sort through it. While I’m sorting, though, new stuff keeps coming down the pike, obviously. I now find myself being very frustrated, because I know all I have to do is get caught up and everything will be fine and life will be much simpler. However, the pile keeps getting bigger and catching up has taken longer than I supposed because apparently Obnoxious Co-worker was very good at making big messes then sweeping them under the carpet. Now I have a much lumpier carpet than I thought I had and I am getting overwhelmed and all I want to do is hide under my desk and read my friends’ journals. This is not productive, however, but it is my natural instinct to say, “it will be easier tomorrow” simply because I am frustrated today. This isn’t a paper with a due date, though, it is the daily routine and I need to get it sorted because putting it off just makes me more frustrated. I may talk to Awesome Supervisor about staying late Monday or Tuesday to catch up, because the last couple times I did that I got a lot done and felt much better because I could work at my own pace and not worry about telephones, or customers, or well meaning but distracting coworkers. It feels like a cop-out for some reason, though. Even though I realize I am the only person in what used to be a 3 person department, and so there is much more for me to do, I feel like I should be able to still work the same way and get it all done and I just can’t. Well,

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