I Heart Bravo
2005-02-03 - 5:58 p.m.

Iím putting together this HUGE rental proposal at work right now. Itís actually due by 5, but I am procrastinating a little right now. I have two more prices to figure out and I have been staring at the DOS blue screen for 7 hours. I need to look at the pristine white of Word for a while.

Iím going to Dork out for a minute here and talk about one of my favorite TV shows. Project Runway is just awesome. Last night the designers had to design new uniforms for the Post Office in Hoboken (insert your own Hoboken joke, if you wish. Iím not that stupid the mob lives there. I kid.). Anyway, my favorites, Jay, Kara, and Austin did fine. Austin apparently thinks everyone who works for the Post office is a size 2, but, hey, whatever, the model looked cute. Rob made a track suit, which, while the style of the pants was pretty ingenious, it didnít look at all like a uniform. I donít hate Rob, and Iíve really liked some of his designs, but at the same time he always seems like he would be that guy in a bar, you know? The vaguely skeevy one that you couldnít quite say WHY he was creepy, just that he kinda was? The one judge totally nailed it, too, when she said he always talks his way out of being eliminated. Heís a great bullshit artist, which is good in his field, but at the same time, there is a limit to how far it can take you. His designs have also been pretty erratic, so it really was his time to go. I do think, however, that it was pretty much a coin toss to decide whether it was he or Wendy who got the boot.

Wendy. Ah, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. Iím not fond of her. I donít think sheís evil or anything, but she quite obviously doesnít understand whatís going on. It is not Survivor. What you do to the other contestants (short of maybe breaking their hands or something) does not affect the outcome. The only thing it will do is hurt you because it will make everyone else less likely to help you when you are in trouble. Like last night, when Jayís model didnít show, Austin modeled it for him and did the best job he could at it because as Austin said himself, Jay would have done the same for him. I donít think any of them has any doubt that Wendy would leave them swinging in the breeze if she thought it would help her at the judging panel. Ergo, when she gets stuck, they arenít too inclined to help her out either. She is just shooting herself in the foot. Or, as we say at my house, ďGAH! Eyes on your own paper!Ē Granted, what happened to her kidís pic was very wrong, but to automatically assume one of the other four did it was pretty assumptive. Roommate and I figured out that the designers (including Kevin who had quite the motive), the models, the production staff, camera men, PAs not to mention school staff (though why they would bother is beyond me) have access to that room. Any number of people could be the perpetrator. It is sill y just start pointing fingers. Just like when Nora lost her pattern piece, it was wrong to automatically start talking about people stealing.

Anyway, it is finally time to go home, so I am going to leave this here and maybe Iíll discuss it again next Thursday, or maybe something more interesting will happen, who knows?

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