The Corporate World is Full of Suprises
2005-01-18 - 1:19 p.m.

Well, it seems I just got some very interesting news. My coworker who is in this department with me, the bane of my existence, has been offered another job. He is leaving. This brings some very new situations to the forefront. I will no longer have to spend my time cleaning up someone else’s messes, or at least not someone who has worked here longer than I have and should therefore know better. It also means that I will probably be here by myself, at least for a while. If that is the situation, well, a dipshit partner is better than no partner when it comes time to take lunch, you know?

The one thing I do worry about a little bit is that he has a lot of folks that he has worked with other places who come to him for their gear packages simply because they know him, not because they necessarily like our company. I am concerned that he is going to take all of those customers with him. Of course, they are the pain in the ass customers that we make zero markup on, so there is that end, too. I dunno. I think I need to not worry about it and just sort of sit back and take things as they come on this one. Our boss did broach the subject of my taking dipshit’s position and asked if I could handle the paperwork. I wanted to say, “Well, seeing as I’ve been doing 98% of it this whole time, probably.” But I didn’t. Because that would be rude. Or something

I really tend to worry about what is going to happen here way more than I should. I really have no vested interest in this place and the only real reason I haven’t just said, Cartman style, “Screw you guys, I’m going home,” is because we have pretty good health insurance that I don’t really want to be without. That, and I tried doing the freelance living, and it really kinda sucks. I don’t like having to worry about if I have a gig lined up for next week. I want to be able to turn down crappy school jobs that I just don’t want to do. I like being able to take really badly paying, arts-fartsy gigs just because I like the people involved. I like being able to say, you know what? Design is boring me. I’m taking three months off.

Well, this just seems to be the same old conundrum over and over again, just with the pawns in different places in the board. At least this journal is helping me see that and put all this in perspective. Connect the dots, la la lala. Connect the dots, la la lala.

I love that the politics of corporate America can be summed up by a Pee Wee’s Playhouse reference.

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