Happy Birthday Martin Luther King! & other stuff
2005-01-17 - 3:09 p.m.

Well, the Shellies were on Sunday and I was passed over for the award. I say I was robbed!! Heh. Anyway, it was a fun time, and as my parents pointed out, only the old fogies won anyway. I was a little peeved, though because neither of the lighting winners even bothered to show up! Iím tempted to send my portfolio to both of those producers with a little note that says, ďBy the way, I will show up to the Shellies if you hire me.Ē Do you think thatíll work? Hee hee, I crack myself up sometimes.

Ok theater entry time, I guess. I saw Forever Tango last night and it was so amazing. I have to buy the soundtrack soon. It was so simple, yet it was so beautiful and entertaining and sexy. It was awesome. I was also checking out the lighting rig (as I always do) and it was one of the simplest designs I have seen in such a big budget show. It goes to show that simplicity and ingenuity can beat out flash and trash any day, especially now that everyone expects flash and trash. It was so much fun, and even though I couldnít really afford the ticket it was worth every penny. I love when I get to see really good theater. I love even more when I get to see really good theater that is making money. It restores my faith in the fact that I can make a living in this industry.

Anyway, today is Martin Luther King Day, and even though my evil overlord boss is making us work today I am going to do a holiday bit in this entry. They were playing part of Dr. MLK Jrís famous ďI have a dreamĒ speech on the radio this morning and I am always struck by how powerful a speaker he was, not to mention what a good man. My parents were college students in the 60ís and both were very involved in the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements, so MLK Jr. has always been a very important man in our family, but it is easy to forget why. Until you hear him speak. I always think about how far we have managed to come in our society in just one generation and I am so proud of what people can do when they see real inequality and injustice staring at them right in their own country. Then I also see how much further we have to go, and it seems very daunting, but at the same time doable, because, hey, we made it this far, right? Letís keep on going! Why stop now, when we have momentum and all of these great people whose shoulders we can stand on?

In more mundane matters, I did speak to my friend on Sunday and I feel a little better, but I donít think he really got it as far as why or how I was upset. Also, he has a very bad habit of calling to talk and then 5 minutes later he has to go because he has to be somewhere etc. I told him whatever you do, do not pull that shit on me on this one. Well, guess what? He did. Iím really kind of pissed about that. Whatever, though. He said he would call me again Wed. Weíll see. I canít let that get to me right now. I have other things to deal with and if he isnít going to make at least a basic effort here, there really isnít much I can do. Iíve put the ball in his court and itís up to him to return it.

OK, well, this has sure been a mis-mash, hasnít it? Well, Iím in a mis-mash-y kind of mood, so there you go.

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