New Year Madness
2005-01-10 - 11:36 a.m.

Itís been almost two weeks since I posted anything here! That is completely unacceptable, especially for the new year. Iíve sort of been at a loss for words lately, though, so there hasnít been much to say.

I have been trying to get organized at home this week. I went to Ikea and bought some nifty stuff to help with that, including a stand for my printer so it doesnít have to sit on the floor all alone and dusty anymore. The drawers in my desk are up next. I really need to figure out what is the best way to organize those things. It really canít help that I work out of my dadís old desk from Elementary school. Yeah, I know. But I really like it and itís the perfect size for my room and itís left handed, which is hard to find and itís what Iím used to. But the drawers arenít exactly laid out for a big-personís needs. Iíve also gotten very lazy with my filing system. I think Iíll start scooping out garage sales for a regular one or two drawer filing cabinet. Everything is all crammed into that little desk and it just makes everything too hard to find. It has felt good, though to clean everything out. Rather liberating.

After the desk I need to move on to the closet. I have so much crap in there that I never wear because it doesnít fit, or itís so old itís falling apart, or I donít like it but someone gave it to me so I feel guilty just throwing it out, etc, etc. I really need to get over my sentimentality about such things. I also need to start being rather brutal about whether or not I will actually ever wear things in my closet. I keep buying pretty clothes that either donít fit quite right or else are things I would never have the self-confidence to actually wear out in public. Maybe I should work on that confidence thing too. Maybe I should work on the going out thing, heh.

I think the whole New Year thing is making me very introspective this year, which is rather unusual for me. I donít usually start taking stock until my birthday, but maybe because I feel like Iím at a crossroad anyway itís amping up the ďget my shit togetherĒ syndrome. I even made a resolution this year, which I donít think Iíve ever done. I have resolved that I will have my portfolio finished and presentable by March. Thatís a big thing. It is going to take many an hour in front of the mighty G4 and many a more hour in front of the drafting table to get all this figured out. I think I have also inadvertently resolved to learn Vectorworks because CAD is the only hope for me finishing even most of the drafting by March.

Wow, this is really boring, organizing my bedroom and talking shop! Happy New Year indeed! Iíll come up with something more interesting a little later on. Maybe Iíll even remember a funny story or something to share. Lala.

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